Newsletter – April 2020


Empowering communities through Skills Training and Development

Our ongoing programs in Mechanical Fitting and Boilermaking have assisted the Atlantis community to tap into opportunities provided by the ASEZ (Atlantis Special Economic Zone). Because of our proven track record in being able to provide technical skills training and development of the highest quality, the Lesedi Skills Academy was able to extend its training programs in order to assist 2 of our stakeholders, DEDAT (Department of Economic Development and Tourism) and Green Cape in fulfilling their mandate of upskilling unemployed individuals during
this period.

Dedat CBMT skills training program

The CMBT (Competency Based Modular Training) program took place from 28th Nov 2019 – 4th March 2020 and targeted candidates that were currently busy or had already completed their TVET trade theory in the field of Mechanical Fitting and Boilermaking. The aim was to expose them to practical simulated training over a period of three months, with the sole purpose of enhancing their employability as well as to reduce the time for job placement.
At the end of the program, a total of 57 candidates completed the CMBT Mechanical Fitter (Phase 1) and Boilermaker (Phase1)
course successfully.

Empowering communities through Skills Training and Development

LSA was mandated to train 160 unemployed youth from the Atlantis area in the various disciplines of Mechanical Fitter, Boilermaker and Welder over a period of 5 days. Candidates were divided into manageable groups and taken through their paces in the trade of their choice. The courses focus specifically on practical work, enabling the candidate to obtain skills in a short period of time which can be immediately applied, either for entrepreneurial benefit or employability. 
As a result of COVID-19, we were only able to complete 3 groups of each respective trade and hope to complete the rest once normality returns.


LSA is proud to announce following NAMB and QTCO accreditations as part of our scope of offerings:
• Occupational Certificate NQF 4: Mechanical Fitter
• Trade Test Centre:  Mechanical Fitter



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